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The 15 Laws of Growth Information Session

Thursday August 5, 12:30 pm PT

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How Far Can You Grow?

Do you have a plan to be better? Personal growth doesn’t just happen. You have to be highly intentional about it. Learning and following the 15 Laws of Growth will promote growth in every area of your life.

Our Free 60-Minute Information Session will:

  • Introduce you to each of the 15 Laws
  • Give you a close look at the Law of Intentionality and the Law of Reflection
  • Share a powerful peer-learning opportunity for applying the 15 Laws to reach your full potential in life and work

Your Host: Dennis Ricci

Dennis Ricci headshot

Dennis Ricci is a Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team, the world’s leading personal growth organization. Dennis trains and coaches people to build their life dreams and learn to lead themselves as they prepare to lead others. He holds an MBA from Wayne State University and has more than 40 years of marketing and executive-level consulting experience.

John Maxwell Team Certified Member

As a John Maxwell Team member, I’m thrilled to give you a glimpse into the benefits of learning and applying The 15 Laws of Growth during this Information Session.

You’ll gain immediate benefits by attending this Information Session:

  • The opportunity to participate in a growth environment
  • The ability to collaborate among like-minded peers
  • Expand your personal and professional network
  • A safe space to stretch beyond your perceived limits
  • The chance to learn valuable skills, experiences, and connections

My personal goal for The 15 Laws of Growth Information Session is to educate and empower you to reach your full potential and make positive differences in the lives of others.

Reaching your potential is a continuous journey of discovery, growth, and insight. It takes curiosity, consistency, and willingness to change. Stay with it and you’re sure to discover and fulfill the purpose and live the life you were made for!

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