It’s Time to Reclaim Your Health!

We need to focus our thinking so that we can get healed and stay that way.

Reclaim Your Health Workshop

A four-week journey through Cal Pierce’s critically-acclaimed book Receive Your Healing & Reclaim Your Health. 

We will also dive deeper into the Scriptures and apply wisdom from prominent Christian wellness teachers Andrew Wommack, Beni Johnson, Cherie Calbom, and Jordan Rubin.

When God made us new in Jesus, we were bought at a great price. Our bodies are no longer our own, they belong to Him.

Healthy living is our responsibility. We need to refocus on the truths of body stewardship—God’s ultimate goal is healing that produces a healthy body, soul, and spirit, with no sickness.

We need to refocus our thinking so that we can get healed and stay that way.

You’ll have the option to participate in-person (limited seating) or online via Zoom.

Topics Covered:

  • Our Condition Flows from the Position We Take
  • Failure Requires A Decision Backed with No Effort
  • The Healing Seed of God’s Word
  • The Truth that Overcomes Facts
  • Partnering with the Holy Spirit for Health Transformation
  • Walking In Health Comes Under Jesus’ Authority
  • Healing is the Process for Establishing Health
  • Overcoming the Spirit of Gluttony
  • Fulfilling Your Destiny

2021 Workshop Schedule

Summer Session: July 8-29

Fall Session: November 11-December 2