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Prophetic Sensor Training


The Bible says that ALL may prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:31) so we can strengthen, encourage, and comfort one another.

This class will introduce you to the 12 ways God wired us to receive prophecy and activate you to begin sharing and receiving prophetic words.

You Receive: Streamable video recording (private link) of the Prophetic Sensor class and a PDF copy of the teaching slides.


God gives us spiritual gifts, including the gift of prophecy, so that we can minister to and serve one another.

This four-hour Prophetic Sensor Training class will equip you with understanding and activation tools to, if you apply them faithfully, grow in both your ability to hear what the Lord is saying to you for others and your skill in delivering prophetic words that strengthen, encourage, and comfort.


  • HD Video of the Class Teaching (Online viewing via private link)
  • PDF copy of the Teaching Slides

Class Content:

  • Three Prophetic Core Values
  • Four Prophetic Protocols
  • Twelve Receptors for Receiving God’s Insights
  • Four Activations: Seeing, Hearing, Sensing, and Perceiving


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