We just learned that a dear friend of ours, a single mom with a 14-year old daughter and no child support from her ex, is experiencing a sudden financial crisis with the looming threat of eviction from her rented dwelling.

We need to raise $3,000 by Thursday to prevent her from receiving a 3-day eviction notice.

Please help with a donation of any amount. Every dollar helps.

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Thank you for your generous assistance for our Single Mom in Crisis.

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The inciting event of her crisis is a tax lien from the California Franchise Tax Board she received last Thursday for a delinquent filing of her 2018 tax return.

Her father had prepared that return for her, as he had done for years, and she believed it had been filed. Her father became seriously ill in spring of 2019 with kidney failure, and was subsequently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away two months later. The 2018 return was never filed, and our friend was not aware of this until she received the tax lien notice.

Her primary source of income has been garnished $10,000; this action will completely wipe out her income for March unless the tax advocate she has retained can negotiate a reduction.

To exacerbate matters, she just lost a $3,000 commission from a signed contract that was due to begin this week when the client unexpectedly backed out of the deal.

Our friend is also helping her brother recover from pharyngeal throat cancer; he beat the illness, but then lost his job and is paying for COBRA health insurance out-of-pocket, putting a severe strain on his family’s resources.

She has emerged through a remarkable recovery journey of her own; she suffered a brain injury in 2007 and, thanks be to God, prevailed through a 10-year recovery through surgery and much more, including a painful divorce.

Please consider a donation of any amount to help our friend through this short-term crisis. She is on solid footing long-term with her health and business, and we just need to help her get through the next couple of months.

Thank you so much!!