Bible Resources

The Healing Word of God

We offer you a selection of Scripture meditation, declaration, and prayer tools to help you contend for, receive, and keep your healing. These are the same resources we give our in-person guests when they receive ministry in the Healing Rooms.

Be healed in Jesus’ name!

Biblical Truths About Healing

Got questions? Biblical answers found here.

Blessing of Shalom

Yeshua Sar Shalom, The Prince of Peace

Calling My Spirit to Attention

Align your spirit with the Spirit of God.

Declarations of God Over You

The Word of God will save your life.

Declare Confidence in God's Protection

Weapons formed against you won't prosper.

Faith-Building Declarations

Ignite deep faith in God and His promises.

Father's Love Letter

Know how great the Father's love is for you.

God Has a Positive Answer

God has an answer for your every challenge.

Healing Confessions

Speak the healing Word of God over yourself.

Healing in the Atonement

Jesus paid for your healing on the Cross.

Healing Proclamations

God's Word says you are healed.

How Jesus Ministers Healing Today

Solid teaching from Dr. Jack Hayford

How to Keep Your Healing

Focus on God and resist the devil's lies.

How to Resist Temptation to Doubt God

Declare God's promises over doubt, fear, and unbelief.

Hungry For God: A Fasting Guide

Wisdom for fasting with purpose.

Jesus Heals Every Disease

God will deliver the sick and the tormented.

Life Scriptures

The Word is living and active. Feed on it.

My Identity in Christ

Jesus makes you a new creation.

Peace of God Prayer

Strengthening prayer by Dr. Kim Maas.

Pondering Your Prayer

Renew your mind as you pray.

Prayer of Forgiveness

We must forgive to be forgiven and healed.

Protection Prayer

Know from Whom and how your help comes.

Psalm 91: In God We Trust

Proclaim His protection over your life every day.

Redemption Declarations for Healing

You are redeemed from the curse of the law.

Salvation Prayer

Receive God's free gift of eternal life.

The Beatitudes

Sources of blessing in the Kingdom.

The Healing Ministry of Jesus

A summary of Jesus' recorded healings.

Who God Says I Am

You are Accepted, Secure, and Significant.

The Lord's Prayer Guide

Pray like Jesus – with depth and intimacy.

You Are Father God's Happy Thought!

You are pleasing in your Father's sight.