Nutrition Therapy

What are the best healing foods for how God designed you?
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Annie McRae, NC

Eat What Your Body Needs.

We begin every nutrition consultation engagement with a detailed health questionnaire. From your responses, we review your concerns and hear your story. We then ask you more questions about your medical history. This helps us get a good picture of your overall health and nutritional status.


We plan your health goals together, making them realistic and obtainable yet often challenging. You will learn what are the best healing foods for you and what foods may be detrimental that exacerbate your condition/issues.

We will explain what we believe to be the underlying causes of your ill health. We then develop a plan to nourish your body with the food and nutrients it needs with a balance of the food groups.

healthy food, salad and appleCell malfunction causes illness. To restore healthy function, correct nutrition and eliminating toxins are important. We also discuss lifestyle factors such as stress, quality of sleep, when to eat, and how to eat, as these all play a role in your well-being.

There are basic principles for different ailments, but because we are all unique, I customize my food plans for each client. You will gain confidence that you are on the right track for optimum healing.

You go away with an initial action plan, knowing that improvement is one step at a time. I may also recommend a functional medicine test that would be beneficial in discovering various malfunctions. You take the kit and do the test at home.



We schedule these as appropriate. Usually 3-4 weeks later. and then 4-8 weeks later.


supplement pillsI recommend a supplement program that accelerates your healing process. Supplements literally supplement your diet and is not a substitute for food. Supplements address your deficiencies, helps you detoxify, helps you to burn the fat, (if you need that) help balance your blood sugar, bring down your inflammation, heal your gut and much much more.

I recommend high-quality supplement brands that your body can absorb and that really work through my online dispensary. I monitor this program as you progress with your health. The quality of supplements is important.

SUPPLEMENT QUALITY IS KEY: It’s like food; the higher the quality of what you consume, the better your health. So it is vital to have supplements that are pure, from high-grade raw materials without contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, aflatoxins, melamine, chemical solvents, dioxins, heavy metals, and rancidity. You want those that are hypoallergenic and free from wheat, gluten, nuts, eggs, hydrogenated oil, unnecessary fillers, are non-GMO, and have had 3rd party testing.


Functional Medicine tests can form a very important part of your nutritional therapy. They pinpoint many markers that show what is going on in your body.

They are not always necessary to do, but I recommend them when they are appropriate and can help bring you health in a faster way.

We offer five different types of at-home functional medicine test kits, depending on what needs to be investigated.

Overall Evaluation

A great non-invasive urine test offers a depth of insight into a client’s overall nutritional status by measuring organic acids. This indicates markers for  yeast and fungus, bacteria, detoxification, mitochondria, some nutrients, amino acids, and fatty acid oxidation.

Food Intolerances

A simple blood test  you can do at home can measure your reactions to foods at different levels. This informs you which food to avoid for a few months, which foods to rotate.

Hair Mineral Analysis

An easy non-invasive test that reveals an array of essential minerals and some toxic metals. Minerals being the “sparkplugs” of life, involved in many body reactions. This can uncover some underlying causes of ill health.


Tests for various toxins like glyphosate and environmental toxins, mycotoxins, poisons, and heavy metals.