God Saved Me from Death

God Saved Me from Death

J. L., Angleton TX

I was at Walmart and I was being followed by a gang (I didn’t know any of them). But it sure changed quickly so I & my bud Robert were chased down. At 110 mph now that fast, I am ok. Thank You, GOD! But the gang had other things going on at the time. 11 gang members were in the Dodge Durango. (13 & all) Why did it turn out to be so fast? Did we flip? Yes, 3 times. I was driving and I imagine it was because I was doing everything I could to get away. But at 1st they couldn’t get me breathing. (It was done GOD put it in the workers at Houston Memorial to save me) (after the coma I was involved in, which lasted about 3 weeks)

Can I admit something? I have forgiven every gang member that was involved in my wreck. Do they know it? No probably not. That God’s job ? GOD knows I’ve forgiven them ? I also got Baptized 7 & 21 Oh yeah and also I couldn’t walk, talk, sit up, breathe again at 1st. I had to learn all over again.

I love God & His Son JESUS w/ Holy Spirit with all of my heart!!!! God Bless! And I would be NOWHERE without the support of my family, God and Jesus & Holy Spirit 3 in 1. But all of this wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have the help from Healing Rooms when I needed it.