Activate 4 Kingdom Keys to Healing and Health and Say Goodbye to Healing Roadblocks!


A Free 5-Day Online Transformation Event
September 26-30

Join this FREE 5-day Challenge and start activating four Kingdom Keys to healing and health that are completely in your control:

If This is Your Battle…

⇒ I’m constantly fatigued

⇒ I’m losing hope God will heal me

⇒ I struggle to carry on each day

This Can Be Your Victory:

⇒ I know I am loved and I am healed

⇒ I’m free of thoughts and feelings that stop me

⇒  I’m thriving and living my purpose

Persistent Ill Health is a Thief.

It robs you of your vitality. God’s will is quite the opposite: Jesus came to defeat the thief and give you abundant life.

God Heals People Through People.

God wants to heal you when you are sick or hurting.

Even more, He wants you to enjoy good health and a prospering soul.

Here’s the thing…

He does this through people who have yielded their lives to Jesus, are empowered by His Spirit, and answer his call to help people heal and become whole.

And He Starts With YOU.

September 26-30

30-Minute Live Online Sessions

Watch on Zoom or Facebook Live

12:30-1:00 pm Pacific Time

Daily Activations

Daily Giveaways

Daily Challenge Topics:

MONDAY: Overcome Health-Blocking Thoughts

TUESDAY: Dump Your Limiting Beliefs

WEDNESDAY: Align Your Values with God’s

THURSDAY: Choose Life and Health Daily

FRIDAY: Say Yes to Divine Health!

Get Real Health Challenge Leaders

Jill headshot with van gogh

Jill Ricci

Awakened To Life

Jill helps people overcome wounds, lies, ungodly beliefs, and negative emotions and pursue a lifestyle of freedom in Christ, without endless replays of their past.

She is a Certified Master Equipper in Christian Healing by the Global Awakening College of Ministry and is an ordained Minister of the Gospel through Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and International Association of Healing Rooms.

Dennis Ricci headshot

Dennis Ricci

Awakened To Life

Dennis helps his clients gain resolute understanding of their identity and purpose and activates them into their calling, without distractions that divert their focus.

He is ordained as a Minister of the Gospel by the International Association of Healing Rooms and is also Certified as a Coach and Trainer by Maxwell Leadership, the world’s leading personal development organization.

Special Guests

Ray Sturdivant

Mining The Truth
Dallas TX

Ray is the President and Founder of Mining The Truth, an inner healing/deliverance ministry. The heart of the ministry is to bring healing and freedom, activate hearing God’s voice, and stepping into true calling, gifting, and destiny.

Faye Sant’Anna

Miracle Barn
Indianapolis IN

Fay and her husband Gleidson lead The Miracle Barn, a gathering place where their team partners with Jesus to equip, mentor, bring healing and freedom, and release the power of the Holy Spirit to their community.

Kelly Tuttle

Faith Chapel
Syracuse NY

Kelly and her husband Jim are Lead Pastors of Faith Chapel in Syracuse NY. They are passionate about living lives fully devoted to Christ, caring for others, and sharing Jesus’ transforming love and power.

Rose Kienzle

Ekwip Ministries
Cleveland OH

Rose is a Certified Healing Practitioner through the Global Awakening College of Ministry. She is developing an outreach ministry in the Cleveland inner city to bring healing and freedom to the homeless and marginalized.

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