Christie Cox

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Let’s Discover the MORE of God Together!

Have you ever wondered if there could be MORE…

  • More to life than this…
  • More of God that you have yet to discover…
  • More Kingdom impact and legacy…
  • More practical ways to live out your Holy Spirit-given gifts…
  • More available to you in your daily time with God…

I had spent most of my life attempting to become free FROM things, but WOW! Something so powerful happened when I had a focus change. What if you could change your focus from all you want to be freed FROM and shift to a focus on all you want to be freed FOR?

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I desire to see people walk through life fulfilled and releasing the God-given passions inside them. I believe you have been given a unique purpose on earth and have internal passions and solutions waiting to be released to impact the world. I want to equip you with experiences and tools to recognize and pursue those passions, to overcome obstacles, hurts, and blocks with God and people.

My coaching style is to discover with you what you were created for. When you discover your truest identity and passions, often the things that hinder or block them begin to fall off, and freedom becomes more natural.

If my approach to Life Coaching sounds like the fit you’re seeking, please select the button below to submit your application.

Your Coaching Track will be 3-9 months in duration and can be determined after our initial 30 minute Discovery Meeting.  Each session will be 60 minutes and will cost $150.

Made on Purpose with a Purpose

Coaching for CALLING:

Do you want to be ignited in the discovery of your calling?  Do you want fresh passion to use your gifts to expand the Kingdom of God? We explore your unique gifts and passions, discovering your sphere of influence, and understanding your unique past experiences and current opportunities.

We do this through:

  • Life Mapping
  • Life Assessment
  • Life Design
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Coaching for FREEDOM:

I love to see people inspired to shift from limitations to supernatural possibilities, from bondage to freedom, from dark to light, from chaos to order.

We do this through:

  • Learning to listen to God more clearly
  • Inner Healing encounters
  • Lectio Divina
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Coaching for EQUIPPING:

I get excited to equip people of God with practical and Holy Spirit tailored tools to bring about widespread Kingdom increase. Each of us has unique tools and skills from our experience and past that give us Kingdom authority. Let’s discover these together, see how God has shaped you, and let’s equip you for your destiny ahead.

We do this through:

  • Mentoring
  • Activating Assignments