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Your Life Is In Your Blood.
Improve Your Circulation NATURALLY.

Do You Battle With…

  • Poor Sleep?
  • Fatigue or Lack of Energy?
  • Cold Hands or Feet?
  • Numbness or Tingling in your Extremities?
  • Joint Discomfort or Muscle Aches?
  • Poor Concentration or Brain Fog?
  • Difficulty Managing Stress?

These may indicate you suffer from poor blood circulation.

There is a way to improve your circulation, health, and well-being NATURALLY.

Join us for one of our demonstrations of BEMER®, a non-invasive, Class 2 bio-electric medical device that is proven to enhance:

  • Local Blood Flow
  • Nutrient and Oxygen Delivery
  • Concentration and Mental Acuity
  • Sleep Quality
  • Exercise Recovery
  • and Much More!

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Our Next Presentation & Demonstration:

Thursday, March 3, 4:00 pm

Awakened To Life Center
31192 La Baya Drive, Suite A, Westlake Village CA

You have the option to join the BEMER presentation online via Zoom.

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Eight Minutes. Twice Daily.

BEMER® is an FDA-approved Class 2 medical device that improves circulation by stimulating the microvessels—the blood vessels that connect your body’s arteries and veins to the capillaries that deliver blood to your individual cells.

BEMER delivers a patented electromagnetic signal that increases the pulsing motion God designed into your microvessels to healthy levels. This improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the elimination of metabolic waste.

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