Reclaim Your Health

We can have physical and spiritual immunity. It comes down to our choices.

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Stewarding Your Health is Spiritual!

We believe that stewardship of our physical health is as “spiritual” as receiving salvation and supernatural healing. It’s a love response to what God has done for us that we cannot do for ourselves.

The world focuses only on dealing with the symptoms of an unhealthy body. As followers of Jesus, we can—and need to—refocus our thinking to receive healing from Him and do our part to stay healed and continuously improve our health.

God Created Our Bodies to Heal and Be In Health

A truly healthy person has an immune system, created by God, that when strong protects them from all manner of bodily disease. The Bible teaches us how to be healed and live in health.

We can search out and apply this truth of what divine healing produces: a body with no sickness, functioning in health as He designed.

As born-again believers, we can have physical and spiritual immunity. In both cases, it comes down to the choices we make. We reap what we sow.

You Can Live in Health God’s Way

Awakened to Health Community is here to help you live in health as God designed. We focus on three fundamentals:

Raise awareness of what is possible when you partner with the Holy Spirit to reclaim your health.

Provide training to put the truth of the Word of God on health into practice.

Build a community of people who pursue living health together and strengthen, encourage, and comfort each other on the journey.

Awakened To Health Services and Products

Awakened To Health Workshops

Learn how to live your best health God's way through sound nutrition and supporting the processes for health He created in your body.

Nutrition Therapy

One size does not fit all. Learn how to heal and strengthen your body through optimum nutrition that fits the way God designed you.

BEMER Therapy

Support the amazing circulatory system God created in your body with patented electromagnetic technology to improve your blood circulation at the cellular level.

Live Above The Wellness Line

Noruish and protect your body and cleanse your home with what God has made: pure, toxin-free essential oils, and nutritional supplements and home care products made with pure, all natural ingredients.

Awakened to Health Practitioners

Marta Brown

Marta Brown is a Natural Wellness Educator who specializes in helping women become “Ageless Mommas” through natural body care and toxin-free lifestyle choices.

Marta is an independent Young Living Executive Member. She is also trained through the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education in administering the Raindrop Technique, a gentle laying on of hands using a specially selected sequence of essential oils applied to the feet and back.

She teaches workshops and provides personal consultations on a variety of natural wellness topics, including Healing Oils of the Bible, Happy Hormones/Healthy Household, Committed to Health: Kick Chemicals to the Curb, and more.

Allison Elliott

Allison Elliott is passionate about the health benefits available through using “living water” for hydrating your body, preparing your food, and in personal and household care.

Allison is an Independent Distributor for Enagic, Inc., manufacturers of alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines that produce water at five different pH levels for drinking and healthy cooking, food prep and household cleaning, baby food/medication use, body care, and hygiene/sanitizing applications.

Allison is also a professional makeup artist serving the Hollywood community and is well-versed in natural skincare and toxin-free makeup products.

Annie McRae headshot

Annie McRae

Annie McRae has been practicing as a nutrition consultant for 20 years, having graduated with honors from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION) London, UK. 

She was a partner at The IBS & Gut Disorder Centre in UK which had its clinic in the famous Harley Street, London. She also practiced for the Allergy & Nutrition Centre which focused on dealing with stress, hormonal imbalances, weight management, food intolerances, and fatigue. Annie’s nutrition consulting practice, Nutrition4Good, specializes in gut problems and also works with a range of health issues.

Her nutritional guidance starts with assessing digestive efficiency. If you’re not digesting and absorbing food well, you’re depriving your body of nutrients it needs for health. 

Tricia Williams

Tricia Williams has owned and operated health and wellness facilities for over 20 years. She finds joy in helping people discover optimal wellness through deeper understanding of lifestyle choices.

As a co-pastor for more than 20 years, she supports the body-soul-spirit approach to health. Tricia is certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, helping clients overcome emotional issues connected to weight and body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, and more. She also serves on the Cuesta College Nutrition, Culinary Arts & Hospitality Advisory Committee.

Tricia is also trained in the use of BEMER®, an FDA Class 2 bio-electric medical device, with which she supports her clients’ well-being through improved blood circulation.