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Prophetic Activation Workshop:
Eight Ways to Give Encouraging Words

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Price: $10.00
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Have you only learned to speak prophetic words?

Our last training taught you how to speak a word…but there is more!

We invite you to learn eight ways to give a strengthening, encouraging, or comforting word to someone:

  • Say It – speaking the word directly to the person
  • Write It – present it as a written keepsake
  • Send It – through a variety of methods including social media
  • Show It – Changing lives by acting on prophecy
  • Pray It – face-to-face or intercessory prophetic prayer
  • Craft It – create a personalized piece that represents the prophetic word
  • Give It – give a gift that symbolizes the prophetic word
  • Hold It – restraining yourself and holding on to the word

This workshop will teach you all eight ways and activate you in four of them through live practice.

Workshop Cost: $10

Your Instructor

Jill Ricci
Director, Awakened To Life
Lead Minister, Awakened To Freedom Ministry

Jill is ordained by the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and is a Certified Master Equipper through Global Awakening’s Christian Healing Certification Program. She also provides Prophetic Training and Mentoring, a powerful freedom key. She is pursuing her certification as an Activate Trainer through Prophetic Company Global.