What Stands Between You and the Life You Were Made For?

Is it a hindrance in your body, soul, or spirit? Is it a deficit in your relationships, resources, or skills? Do you lack confidence that you know your purpose and are able to fulfill it?

Whatever holds you back, God has the solutions.

He promised that living in union with His Son would make you a whole and fruitful person. 

Awakened To Life helps you become a living demonstration of His promise.

Awakened To Life is a Wholeness Academy.

Our mission is to lead you on the journey to an abundant, fruitful life.

We do this through our Circle of Wholeness Model: helping you receive healing from God, reclaim health through sound, Biblical stewardship, and cultivate growth in your character, talents, gifts, and confidence to fulfill your God-given purpose.

Our trained ministers and certified practitioners are equipped and ready to help you access everything He has already built into you and provided for you.

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The more you pursue wholeness, the more you will realize the potential God created in you so you can do the good works He prepared for you—with Him!

Watch the Film: The Awakened To Life Circle of Wholeness

Our Ministries and Services

Receive Healing

Body, Soul, and Spirit

Pursue Soul-Spirit Freedom

Remove Deep Barriers to Wholeness

Steward Your Health

Optimum Nutrition and Natural Body Care

Grow and Develop

Character, Skills, Confidence, Purpose

Ready to Pursue Wholeness?

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