Know the Voice of God
So You Can Receive and Give Strength, Encouragement, and Comfort

The Gift of Prophecy is God’s #1 Most Important Spiritual Gift. And You Can Only Grow Your Prophetic Gift by USING IT.

God’s word makes it crystal clear: all may prophesy, and we are to earnestly desire spiritual gifts, ESPECIALLY prophecy. Why?

Because “the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strength, encouragement, and comfort…the one who prophesies edifies the church.” (1 Corinthians 14:1-4)

The Prophetic Lifestyle Course is a two-year program that will train and activate you in receiving communication from God and prophesying His words to others.

Here’s how the two-year program breaks down:

Year 1: 12 Prophetic Receptors — Ways to discern what God is saying to you for your life and for those to whom He directs you to prophesy.

Year 2: 8 Prophetic Delivery Packages—Creative and powerful ways to give strength, encouragement, and comfort. Prophecy can be more than just speaking!

Every class session is filled with Biblically-based instruction, practical application, live demonstrations, and plenty of practice exercises that get you doing and growing in your discernment and confidence to know God’s voice and speak it out!

All live class sessions are video recorded. You’ll have access to the 2023 class recordings through January 31, 2024.

Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your ability to know what God is saying to you for your life and to strengthen, encourage, and comfort the people in your sphere of influence!

Year 1 Course Value

 •  20 Live 2-hour Activation Class Sessions – In-person or Zoom

 •  Access to class recordings through January 31. 2024

 •  Prophetic Activation Exercises and Tools

 •  Between-session Email Mentoring

 •  Private Student Community (via Facebook Groups)

You have the choice to participate in person at our Thousand Oaks, CA center or online via Zoom. Local students have the option to flex between in-person and online attendance for the live class sessions.

Year 1 Course Content & Schedule

Month 1 (Feb. 14 & 28) – Prophetic Values and Protocols, Prophesying with Names

Month 2 (Mar. 14 & 28) – Learning Methods, Overview of 12 Receptors

Month 3 (Apr. 11 & 25) – Seeing Receptor: External

Month 4 (May 9 & 23) – Seeing Receptor: Internal and Mystical


Month 5 (Jul. 11 & 25) – Hearing Receptor: External

Month 6 (Aug. 8 & 22) – Hearing Receptor: Internal and Mystical

Month 7 (Sep. 12 & 26) – Sensing Receptor: External

Month 8 (Oct. 10 & 24) – Sensing Receptor: Internal and Mystical

Month 9 (Nov. 7 & 21) – Perceiving Receptor: External

Month 10 (Dec. 12 & 19) – Perceiving Receptor: Internal and Mystical

Year 1 Enrollment Options:

Single Payment

Best Value: $597

With Spouse: $694

Installment Plan

Individual: 10 payments of $65

With Spouse: 10 payments of $76

Your Instructor: Jill Ricci

Jill Ricci is one of the Directors of Awakened To Life and an Activate Certified Trainer through Prophetic Company Global, the ministry of Dan McCollam and Bethany Hicks. She is ordained as a Minister of the Gospel by Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and is Certified as a Prophetic Ministry Practitioner and a Christian Healing Master Equipper through the Global Awakening College of Ministry. Jill also holds ordination with the International Association of Healing Rooms.

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