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Dennis Ricci works exclusively with Kingdom risk-takers who have God-sized dreams and goals and want to do the work to build their understanding of who they are, their specific calling, and the skills and confidence they need to live a life of significance.

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GrowthStart Coaching

GrowthStart is my entry-level Personal Growth program for those who are ready to grow and willing to do the work, but need basic direction on how to grow.

GrowthStart begins with a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session which will enable us to determine if this coaching approach is the right fit and the basic direction you want to pursue.

You are in control of the coaching agenda. My role is to ask you strategically probing questions that guide you to discover the answers you seek and action steps you need to take, then help you be accountable to your own goals and action plans.

The minimum GrowthStart engagement is three months. Each month, you’ll receive one 90-minute coaching session and two 30-minute accountability check calls.


DreamBuilder Coaching

If you have a dream or life goal that you are ready to go after, or have already begun but aren’t making the progress you want, DreamBuilder Coaching may be the right choice for you.

DreamBuilder Coaching is You have three DreamBuilder coaching options to choose from, each designed to meet you at your level of readiness.

All DreamBuilder Coaching programs begin with a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session which will enable us to determine which program is best for you.

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Option 1: DreamStart

One 90-minute coaching session based on The DreamBuilders Journey from our DreamBuilders Course, plus two 30-minute accountability check sessions, each month for three months.

The DreamStart Program is best if you you have a dream that makes you come alive but you’re unsure if it’s a wish, a fantasy, or a God-ordained cause worthy of exchanging your life for.


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Option 2: DreamLaunch

Two 90-minute coaching sessions based on The Dream Builder’s Journey and John Maxwell’s book Put Your Dream to the Test per month, plus weekly accountability checks, for six months.

The DreamLaunch Program is best if you’re solid in your heart about your dream but still need to put it to the test to make sure that you own it and it aligns with God’s design and purpose for you.


Option 3: DreamBuilder

Three 90-minute coaching sessions each month based on The DreamBuilder’s Journey and Put Your Dream to the Test, plus mentoring on your DreamBuilder Plan implementation, for 12 months.

The DreamBuilder Program is best if you’re committed to laying down your life to make your dream happen and making the investment to fulfill God’s purpose and dream for your life.


Self-Leadership Coaching

The greatest challenge every leader faces is to first lead themselves well. John Maxwell says that “everything rises and falls on leadership,” and that is most true about how we lead ourselves.

The story of our lives is the sum of our choices and the consequences we experience from them. Good and bad. 

Self-Leadership requires that you have an idea of why you are going where you’re going, so that your thoughts, words, and actions all contribute to fulfilling your “why,” your purpose.

Effective Self-Leadership keeps you focused on the only person you can truly improve—you.

Obvious, isn’t it? If you can’t influence your own choices well, how can you expect to influence others? As in all matters of personal growth, we must be highly intentional about leading ourselves first.

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Option 1: Guided Discovery

This option follows the classic coaching relationship where, within the topic of Self-Leadership, you set the agenda for what we work on, and my job is to guide you to assess your current reality, identify options to evaluate for accomplishing your goals, determine the actions you will take, and hold you accountable to your goals and actions.

The minimum engagement length for this option is three months. We meet for two 90-minute sessions each month, with weekly accountability checks between sessions. Engagement extensions are mutually agreed.


Option 2: Study + Discovery

This option combines programmed study of selections from John Maxwell Team leadership and personal growth resources, plus supplemental materials from other noted experts on Self-Leadership, and two 90-minute coaching sessions per month to connect your learning from the study materials with your goals, assessment of your current reality, options for change, and the action plan for putting what you’ve learned to work.

I recommend a two month engagement per leadership/personal growth resource we select that best meets your Self-Leadership development needs.

$400/month + Study Resources

Ready to begin your journey? 

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